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Vertebral Subluxation Complex

Vertebral Subluxation Complex Chiropractic Treatment

A misaligned vertebrae is very painful. This means it has moved to an abnormal position, it is known as subluxation. Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) is caused by many different issues. Small slips or falls can cause this, and major impact injuries from car crashes or sudden jolting movements can contribute to this as well. A subluxated vertebrae will create pressure on surrounding nerves and blood vessels, and can also damage other structures in close proximity.

There are little roads within our bodies known as pathways for the nerves to travel, and when they are interrupted by subluxation and this disrupts the signals that are sent out from the cerebral cortex. If this condition is left untreated, degeneration of the spinal cord and discs can occur.

After a while, the surrounding muscles, bones, and nerves begin to reform to the shape that the misalignment has created. The body then tries to compensate by making adjustments in other areas, throwing off balance in additional joints and muscles. Usually, it will be a much longer time span for these elements to be corrected if the subluxation is untreated for an extended length of time.

Vertebral subluxation includes five different areas:

  • Spinal Kinesiopathology (bone movement)
  • Histopathology (damaged tissue)
  • Neuropathophysiology (dysfunction of nerves)
  • Myopathology (changes in the muscle)
  • Pathophysiology (growing that is not commonly seen)

With this type of treatment, the spine can be corrected. Chiropractors near you are highly trained at making adjustments that will help this condition.

Mrs. Brown

Sergio really knows his stuff. He can take care of all your needs, be it chiropractic, dry needling, graston, or ART. He takes the extra time to find the source of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. With over 12 years of experience, it shows.

Mrs. Brown

Ms. Paulson

Dr Sergio and Linda are amazingly caring people who care about my well-being and have been helping me keep working for the last two years! I am extremely grateful and would recommend him to anyone who needs quality help.

Ms. Paulson

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We came to see Dr Rocafort because of an injury. To be honest i have never been with a doctor like him. He listen and answer all your questions, he gives you recommendations for treatment plans. In my humble opinion he is the best chiropractor that i have ever been in more than 25 years.

Ms. Schuette

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