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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Denver, CO

​We provide EMS therapy, otherwise known as electrical muscle stimulation. This form of chiropractic treatment helps to lower painfulness and swelling. It also lowers overall recovery time, which for many is a highly valuable attribute! EMS is most commonly implemented for patients who have soft tissue injuries, experience muscle spasms, or want to recover from workouts more quickly and efficiently. It is highly effective at reducing pain.

How Does Electrical Muscle Stimulation Work?

Actually, the procedure only takes a few minutes and can be done right in our office. Learn more about our office on our homepage.

First, electrodes will be set onto the skin above the spot that needs to have attention. The electrical current triggers muscles to contract. Contractions are very small and quick, and may cause a slight tingling feeling for the patient. These sensations are not painful at all and many even describe them as enjoyable, like a mini massage. The strength of current levels are set based on how deep down the affected tissue is beneath the surface of the skin. Once the machine is turned off, the sensations subside.

The stimulation of muscles using electrical pulses tires the muscles, releases endorphins, and facilitates relaxation after the treatment is complete. This is effective in triggering natural pain relief and diminishing muscles spasms that could be happening. Did you know that EMS gets rid of waste so that your body can absorb nutrients more efficiently, in turn, allowing soft tissue to heal much faster. EMS can be applied to many parts of the body, but the most common areas of use are on the back and neck. EMS is also effective at relieving chronic and acute pain. Please contact us if you are experiencing any pain and want to learn more about how Electrical Muscle Stimulation can help you.


Mrs. Brown

Sergio really knows his stuff. He can take care of all your needs, be it chiropractic, dry needling, graston, or ART. He takes the extra time to find the source of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. With over 12 years of experience, it shows.

Mrs. Brown

Ms. Paulson

Dr Sergio and Linda are amazingly caring people who care about my well-being and have been helping me keep working for the last two years! I am extremely grateful and would recommend him to anyone who needs quality help.

Ms. Paulson

Ms. Schuette

We came to see Dr Rocafort because of an injury. To be honest i have never been with a doctor like him. He listen and answer all your questions, he gives you recommendations for treatment plans. In my humble opinion he is the best chiropractor that i have ever been in more than 25 years.

Ms. Schuette

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